Perfect Pan Gravy

In a frying pan combine 2 tbsp of pan drippings (the juices from cooking most meats) & 2 tbsp all-purpose flour.

Stir until smooth & cook about a minute.

Stir in 1 cup of pan drippings & cook over medium heat,

stirring often & cook for a few more minutes until thick & bubbly. Season.



Flavored Butter

What a GREAT way to add flavor to any boring meal!

Flavored Butter is so easy to make and so much fun.

Just soften butter and add in your favorite flavors.

Mix and chill.

This is so much easier then making a sauce.

Some examples are:

Add Blue  cheese to your butter. This is delicious when you put a spoonful over steak or burgers fresh off the grill.

My favorite is butter with minced garlic and lemon juice. Awesome over seafood or chicken.

Add your favorite herbs or seasonings. This looks so pretty when the butter has flecks of color.

I love butter mixed with honey. It is amazing on toast or biscuits or hushpuppies. Hey, I’m from Charleston. That’s what we do!

Habit Forming Hollandaise Sauce

There are many recipes for Hollandaise Sauce.
This is BY FAR the easiest and best.
The secret is….the Blender. Yep.
All you do is melt a stick of butter and set aside.
In a blender put in two egg yolks and the juice of a lemon.
Turn on the blender and slowly pour in the melted butter.
Do this slowly.
Once all the butter is in the blender the Hollandaise is done.
I like to cook steaks and in the five minutes the steaks are resting, I make this sauce. Everyone loves it!