Personal Pasta

Everyone loves Pasta.

My favorite is Dreamfields brand. It’s low glycemic and high fiber.

I also love whole wheat pasta.

You can use any shape you like. My family likes Angel Hair. It takes just a few minutes to cook. I like anything that makes cooking easier.

My son is a picky eater so pasta is a great way to “sneak” in things(veggies).

I take the pasta as soon as I have drained it and add butter and toss.

I add salt and pepper and parmesan cheese. This is the basic dish.

You can jazz it up with crumbled cooked bacon,

steamed peas,

chopped pepperoni,

sauteed onion, celery and garlic,

sauteed spinach or broc,

blackened chicken or steak,

artichoke hearts,


and/or whatever you want or have that needs to be eaten. I top mine with lots of red pepper flakes.

Your own Personal Pasta everytime.


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